Costumes Galore!!

So, there are three beautiful women about to hit the stage to perform The Smell of the Kill, a thesis production directed by Heidi Hostetler, and it is my job to make sure they look the part. The wonderful thing about these three women is that they have completely different personalities and, therefore, completely different taste in wardrobe.

First we have Nikki, a strong and powerful woman with ambition and a mind of her own. She is very business-like, but a mother, so she needed to appear hard around the edges, yet soft in a subtle way. Her costume was by far the easiest for me to conquer.

Next we have the “came from money, has money, will always have money” Molly, who seems a bit on the airy side. She has an innocence to her, yet a deviance inside that is lusting to escape the shell she’s been living in for years.

Lastly, there is the conservative Debra, a has-been Real Estate agent whose money is gone. Debra still lives in her glory days of her working years, and her look which was once sharp and sophisticated has become shabby and desperate.

It has been challenging finding the right pieces for each character, but I have made extreme progress over the past week, and my excitement is growing exponentially! Classy and sophisticated, with a few mind-blowing surprises, these women will hit the stage with beauty and confidence as they awe the crowd with their amazing performance. I was truly blessed to be chosen to clothe them!

Mark your calanders, because you won’t want to miss this show!

See you there!
Cate Christie




  1. Cate, Your blog is SO interesting. What is your background with costuming? Keep up the good work.

  2. Judy, I have always been a shop-a-holic, and I feel that I’m halfway fashionable, so the shopping aspect is most of what I’ve had to do for this show. As for actual costuming a show, this is my 3rd one where I have had a part in costuming, and the 2nd one I’ve done by myself (with the exception of help from the director of course). My grandmother is a professional seamstress, so I’ve grown up knowing how to sew and make clothes. I used to make all my siblings’ Halloween costumes as well as my own, and I tend to get a little elaborate when I get in that state of mind! Thanks for your interest in my blog!

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